Contributions to DP

We encourage you to contribute to the DP project by sending us comments, bugs reports, bugs corrections, compiled binaries, modifications to the sources developing a new functionality and any contribution you may wish to introduce into the main DP development line and find in all the following releases.

Contributions judged by the authors of a certain relevance with respect to the rest and having implied a relevant time to be implemented, grant the status of "Contributor" and all the rights implied in the "Acknowledgement" section of the License, as for the authors.

However, before to implement major contributions you may wish to integrate into the main development line of the code, we advice you to contact the authors such as the development actions are coordinated.

Moreover, major contributions could go in directions such as to deny developments along other directions. Examples are parallelization on particular indices; optimizations for a given architecture; in general, major restructurations of the code along the main routines. For this reason, we advice to agree them with the authors, or you may see refused the integration of your contribution into the main development line of the code.

WARNING: According to the License agreement, the authors reserve all the rights to accept or refuse a contribution to the code.

Send contributions to valerio.olevano AT or to francesco.sottile AT