To give the ETSF Rhône-Alpes ETSF Associated Node the necessary resources to start up, we submitted the RTRA (Réseaux Thématiques de Recherche Avancée) NanoSTAR project which has been positively reviewed and financed.

NanoSTAR is an action within the theme "Nanosciences at the limits of Nanoelectronics" and in domain of "Nanomodelisation: Theory and Numerical Simulation".
NanoSTAR has two main scientific axes: Spectroscopy and Quantum Transport, which represent also the scientific pillars of ETSF. NanoSTAR has also the purpose to provide the necessary computational resources to the Rhône-alpin ETSF associated researchers. To this purpose, the RTRA NanoSTAR action will reinforce the Grenoble computational platform CIMENT.

The European Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility and the NanoSTAR: Spectroscopy and Nanoscience